How to Connect Who You Are With What You Do


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10 Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work
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Are you bored or unhappy with your career?

Are you afraid to make a change in this economy?

Are you uncertain what your new career could be?


Hello, I'm Marina Spence.   After changing and re-vitalizing my career twice, I developed the Stress-Free Career Change System.  With this system, not only can you learn what it is you love to do, you can learn to love what you do.  Did you know that there are many ways to change your work and your attitude toward work, even if you stay in the same job?

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Just as I finally did, you can follow the Stress-Free Career Change System to:

And speaking of managing stress, it's easy to experience the #1 stress-buster, meditation. Watch for the launch of:

... where busy women can connect heart & mind through meditation.

Stress-Free Career Change System Revealed...


Announcing the release of Make Every Day a Friday!

Marina's book, Make Every Day a Friday! The Joy of Connnecting Who You Are with What You Do, is now available.  

The book provides THE solution to your career crisis.  With a stress-free system, including the three "inner keys" of career change, you are gently guided toward changing your work and your attitude about work.


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